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important links - Animals Austraia, providing a voice for our brothers and sisters of the earth

storyboard, concept art etc links - J. Todd Anderson. The storyboard artist who draws all of the Coen Brothers' films. I like his loose style and the fact that they storyboard every single scene says something about the importance of storyboards in making great films - Dan Milligan. Everything he draws looks good - Anthony is another cool Hollywood artist who also pumps out great watercolour sketches everywhere he goes - Ryan's figure drawings are unique and sharp - The finished artwork thread at A site that I visit continually for inspiration - The Internet Movie Database. I'm on here all the time finding out important things like the fact that Jean Reno voiced the lead for the French dub of Porco Rosso - Leif Peng runs a great blog about storyboarding, mainly for the ad industry - Andrew Gemmill, my brilliant watercolour teacher

australian film industry links

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