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Android Concept Art

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Concept Art + Paintings

Concept art is a broad term for paintings, drawings and sketches created for film, animation, games, TV and advertising. It's enjoyable, expressive work and a lot of fun when it gets the director and crew excited and inspired. To the left are examples of this type of work as well as some random pieces created for my portfolio.

Concept design sketches for a short sci-fi film
Concept Art
A quick concept sketch inspired by The Place of Dead Roads
Concept Art for Hamer Hall
Concept art and storyboards for a VFX installation at the new Hamer Hall
4WD Sketches
Some 4WD vehicle sketches
Some game style concept art
Naked Lunch Concept Art
Concept Art inspired by William Burroughs' "Naked Lunch"
MAFMAD Concept Art
Concept Art + final screenshots for Chris Busuttil's winning MAFMAD entry
Concept Art for a short film
Concept Art for a short film
Concept Art for Agrapha Pictures
Concept Art for a short film by Agrapha Pictures
Clare Pier Digital Painting
One of my first digital paintings, based on a photo taken in Port Melbourne
Portait Digital Paintings
A couple of portraits
Sweetheart Concept Art
Concept art for a script by Lauren Anderson