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Children's book illustrations

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Cartooning + Illustration

I began working as a cartoonist when I was sixteen, drawing single panel gags and caricatures for a couple of sports magazines. Cartoons and illustrations are an amazingly effective way to make a clear statement. The samples on the left range from animated shorts to cartoon posters, children's book illustration and much more...

Illustrations for a children's book about water
Max Animations by DylanSketchbook
I was hired to produce this short animated video from concept & storyboards through to the final product
Stockbot Short Animations
A series of short animations starring a mascot character that I created previously for this client
Staff Caricatures by Dylan Shearsby
Staff caricatures for a clients' web site
A large illustration artwork for Yarra Valley Water
A large 3.5m x 1m 'Graphic History' illustration artwork for Yarra Valley Water
Children's book illustrations
Over 2012 & 13 I illustrated a children's book - here are some samples from it
NWW 2013 Illustration by Dylan Shearsby
Childrens poster illustration for National Water Week 2013
Water Week Poster Illustration
Childrens poster illustration for National Water Week 2012
Cartoon Landscapes
A couple of cartoon landscapes, one of my favorite types of childrens illustration projects
Triathlon Cartoon
A cartoon for a client's fund raising efforts
No Read Meter Illustrations
Vector illustrations for City West Water's no-read meter cards
Wine Illustrations
Various illustrations on the theme of wine and wine regions
"The Wine Tasters" a cartoon / painting
"The Wine Tasters"
Water Education Cartoons
Just some of the cartoons produced for a water saving education program
Quick Cartoon Concepts
Some quick cartoon concepts produced for a childrens hospital
Icon Illustrations
Various icon illustrations
Some older mascot cartoons of Wilber the Water Drop
Old Vector Illustrations
Some of my first vector illustrations
Cartoon Caricatures
Some cartoon caricatures of people I find interesting
Various caricatures
Cats and Dogs Illustrations
Cats and Dogs - a painting and two vector illustrations
Animation stills
A couple of animation exercises